Banksy Theme Park

Dismaland: A Fascinating Dystopian Theme Park by Banksy

“The 2.5 acre ‘bemusement park’ is described by Banksy as a ‘family theme park unsuitable for small children’… Banksy style, focuses on messages of anti-consumerism and makes eye-opening statements on today’s society. There are 10 of Banksy’s own pieces on display, but the park mainly features works from 58 artists from across the globe. The park includes more than just art… there are rides, macabre fair games, film screenings, and live performances. The official brochure boasts ‘distressing imagery’, and the following items are strictly prohibited: ‘spray cans, illegal drugs, and lawyers from the Walt Disney Corporation’… The apocalyptic spectacular is open from Aug. 22, 2015 through Sept. 27, 2015.”


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