German words

*don’t mind the bad pronounciation

  1. Zugzwang – Feeling pressure to make a strategic move
    (Zug – train, Zwang – force)
  2. Luftschloss – An unrealistic dream
    (Luft – air, Schloss – castle)
  3. Weltschmerz – Depression or pain caused by the state of the world
    (Welt – world, Schmerz – pain)
  4. Backpfeifengesicht – A face that deserves to be punched
    (Backpfeifen – slap, Gesicht – face)
  5. Vergangenheitsbewältigung – To deal with the past and eventually overcome it
    (Vergangenheit – past, Bewältigung – coping)
  6. Treppenwitz – The things you should have said
    (Treppen – stairs, Witz – joke)
  7. Erbsenzähler – A control freak, someone who is detail-oriented
    (Erbsen – peas, Zähler – counter)
  8. Torschlusspanik – The fear that time is running out
    (Tor – gate, Schluss – close, Panik – panic)
  9. Fremdschämen – The feeling you get when someone doesn’t realize how embarrassing they are
    (Fremd – foreign / stranger, schämen (v) – to be ashamed)

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