The sun is nice, but it lights things up so much that you cant see very far. Your soul don’t go very far in the daylight ‘cos it stops where you can see. The nighttime is better. It stretches your soul right out to the stars and that is a very long way. In the nighttime you don’t have to stop going out. Its like your ears. In the daytime its so noisy you cant hear. In the nighttime you can. The nighttime stretches you.

Mum reckoned that getting lost and finding your way were just different sides of the same coin. You couldn’t have one without the other.

In the dark you have to describe yourself. In the daylight other people describe you.

The daylight is for the brain and the senses, the darkness is for the heart and the wits – Never, never be afraid. Your brain may fail one day, but your heart won’t.

(Mister God this is Anna)


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