I Want it That Way from Backstreet Boys

I know, I know… this is not something I’m really into it. This boy band is not one of my favourites, BUT, every time I have some argument with my partner, this song comes to my mind (ALWAYS). And I know is funny because the actual lyrics don’t make sense, or at least I don’t get to understand them. What’s the deal with “you are my fire, don’t wanna hear you say I want it that way, tell me why” heee? I really don’t get it, is it because He wants it HIS way? or is it because is actually wrong to say (when you are in a relationship) that has to be only my or his/her way? I have no idea, but just because I got up with that freaking song in my head I’m publishing it, is quite sticky, and the worse is that if you remove the constant repetition, it only has 10 lines… the rest is just… filling ha!


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