10 years of neverbeingboredagain?

I watched this today, made me think that 10 years ago, to starters, I wasn’t even aware there was Facebook. Of course, it started as something “elite”, something local. But it wasn’t until 2008 that I received an invitation on my email form someone who I don’t even remember, and there I was. I became part of the now biggest and most popular social network. Since then, I “never feel bored”. Actually I do. But remember those times when you were bored and you could just lay on bed and watch the white roof for hours? thinking about nothing or everything? Reading an actual book, or just some magazine you found? Well, many people actually still do that. But the now internet addicted people like me, find always something to be entertained of on Internet. I have tons of magazines (I actually give myself a tiny little time to read an actual book, either doing cardio in the gym or before going to bed) that I have been collecting because i find some interesting article. But there are just accumulating because I think: when I have nothing to do (which never happens) or when I’m bored I will read.And yes, there are times when I’m truly bored, but there is ALWAYS something on internet to get distracted with. And most of the times, is specifically on FB.


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