I’m practically a hermit


Peaceful, serene and sometimes secretive, you often flee crowds or get-togethers, and you like solitude. Without solitude you might have to compromise your personality or way of understanding the world. You like being at home, or with your family, or seeing friends from time to time but you prefer long walks in the town or country, or to spend time reading, watching films or doing something creative. You are a true solitary being — almost a hermit. Without being misanthropic you avoid situations where you are likely to run into people you find too complex or dull. Your ethics are based on freedom to choose, independence and certain intellectual values and you wouldn’t enter into anything that might compromise this. You don’t like to waste time or energy. Don’t forget that the world keeps turning even when you’re paying no attention and it’s waiting for you to put in an appearance. Try to meet people — they might introduce you to new interests or teach you new things without preventing you from reaching your own goals. You will retain your insight into yourself and your life but it will be more constructive and will mean that you will be able to see more than one side of things.



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